More mini session action while in the States! This family is so fun to photograph because these boys are 100% energy and their parents belong in magazines they’re so beautiful!


I sometimes don’t think a kid can get ANY cuter. Then there’s Benji. And his adorable factor just keeps going up every time I see him! Words can’t express the love I have for this little family. I’m so thankful I was there to take some family portraits for them this summer. I vote the next portrait session be in New Zealand! 😉



I loved getting this little family back in front of my camera again!



Oh how I love these people! While we were all together at home in Nebraska, we decided to get some family portraits done. (yes, we paid someone else to do it!) But, I couldn’t help but bring my camera along and snap some 6 month photos of my little Thea Louisa. I got a little carried away, so here are the results:



We just happened to be in Florida when our friends had their sweet baby girl! She was 10 lbs of pure roll-y goodness! Welcome to the world Ainsley Belle Henneman!



Rhett had a little announcement he wanted to make!




It’s always a treat to get to see this lovely family when we visit the States! But I must say, it’s especially entertaining to hang out with their kiddo’s!



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