My family was way overdue for having some family portraits done. We hadn’t had a big family picture taken since Charlie was born, so while we were all together this fall, my mom took us out to the state line farm (through the middle of a cornfield and down into a creek bed) to have some portraits done. We took our cousin Jenna (thanks Jenna!) with us to snap the photos. These are never a fun adventure for me because I’m not behind the camera composing the image, I’m just trying to direct. Annnnnd, I can’t see what anyone looks like once I’m standing in front of the camera. All the images you see with me in them were taken by Jenna, the rest were taken by yours truly.

Most of these images are ‘bloopers’ really, just to give you all a good idea of what a family portrait session ACTUALLY looks like, especially ones involving grown men who hate photos and small children. (the worst combination ) Annnd, we happened to be going for the ‘everyone looking at the camera smiling’ ones too, which is nearly impossible.

Sooo, there you have it. From Charlie eating leaves, to my my brother digging his fingers into my ribs, to me being incredibly nutty to get Charlie to look at the camera, this session was a little stressful. But I think I like the candid ones the best, only because my brother is hilarious and Charlie is just so darn cute!







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